Shooting Staff

My name is Brent Kinchen, I am the Pro Staff and Field Staff Coordinator for Deer Crossing Archery. 
I have been in and around the archery industry my entire life; growing up with a father who owned an archery pro shop where I learned to tune and work on bows.  I have shot in tournaments in many states across the country, I also run a weekly league and coach shooters that need anything from a lesson or two to critique their shooting to get them to the next level, or for a new shooter that wants to get into the sport.  I have shot in many staff positions with numerous companies and retailers.
Prostaff/Field Staff Affiliations:
Team Bowtech Pro Target Staff
Truball/Axcel Prostaff
60X Strings Prostaff
AAE Amassador of Archery
Vortex Optics Field
Deer Crossing Archery.   
I enjoy shooting indoor and I have just recently gotten back into 3D archery.  If you are on the staff or would like to join the staff please feel free to send me an email or fill out a shooter application vua the website and I will get right back to you. 
Our Mission as Staff Shooters -  Promote DCA by shooting DCA Product Line , wearing our logos, and most important be courteous to others on and off the trail or on the line. Promote the growth of archery by being ambassadors of the sport.
I want to thank all of our current and future shooters for choosing to shoot DCA. I personally believe in the quality of these shafts and can't wait to see what other innovative products will come in the future. 
If any of you see me at a shoot, please come by and introduce yourself. I look forward to shooting and working with all of you!