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The RUPTURE PRO is our .204 diameter Rupture shaft in .001 straightness. The PRO will come standard with an Ethics Archery Adjustable Outsert System. The same toughness and reliability you have come to expect from a DCA arrow with all the speed and penetration you're looking for. The full Ethics kit can be sent separately or we can install the desired weight that you choose. Each plain shaft order includes nocks and Ethics components.

The RUPTURE PRO is 32" uncut and is measured Carbon to Carbon.


Spines: All weights listed are Grains Per Inch.

All dozens are weight sorted +/- 2 grains.

.204 ID

250: 10.8 GPI (Approximate OD .278)

300: 9.8 GPI (Approximate OD .273)

350: 8.8 GPI (Approximate OD .268)

400: 7.8 GPI ( approximate OD .260)

Ethics Archery Adjustable Outsert System:

250 Spine: 90-105-120

300 Spine: 90-105-120

350 Spine: 85-100-115

400 Spine: 90-105-120

** Ethics outsert adds 1/2 inch to overall length, sleeve covers 3/4 inch of front of carbon**