Bragging Rights

I love archery.  Its the most addicting thing I've done since I picked up a guitar when I was twelve.  And every once in a while, all of the practice and form comes together and the perfect shot is made: the Robin Hood.  And this time I was out at 40 yards.

Now I have to give credit where credit is due, so here is my rig that I am shooting.

New Breed Eclipse 29" 60#

HHA Optimizer Sight

Trophy Taker Smackdown Pro Rest

Pine Ridge Archery Nitro Stabilizer, Peep, and Speed Button XLs

and of course, Deer Crossing Archery Hunter arrows with 3" Fusion-X vanes.

Just to be clear, the bragging rights in this post don't belong to me.  They belong to these manufacturers who make unbelievably precise products, even in the hands of this mediocre archer.

So if you are in the market for any new goodies, just take a look at the list above.  You won't be disappointed.  Promise.