DCA on the Podium, and Staff Shooter sticks a pig.

 Deer Friends,

DCA had a booth at the Bedford shoot, and Sales manager Jesse Coe decided to try his hand at some recurve action with some 500 spine hunters.  40 targets later, Jesse finished 2nd, and only 1 point behind the leader.  Congrats Jesse!

Meanwhile, in the midwest, Staff Shooter Shiloah Douglas of Bone Reaper Outdoors laid the smackdown on a couple of nice pigs.  Here is some of his story...

From Shiloah

"The dogs bayed the hog up long enough for me to get in front of him, and when he
started to take off again I sent a deer crossing arrow tipped with a
100 grain steelhead expandable through him.  The shot was
quarting hard away and back a little far,but it got liver.  The arrow
zipped right through and the pig expired in less then thirty
seconds.  The second hog we hit the dogs bayed up next to a
pond in a run off.  It was pretty brushy.  I was finally able to make a
clean shot with him quartering hard to me without hurting a dog. 
The pig did about four cirlces and fell over.
I haven't ever had this lethal of a combination.
I'm shooting a pse omen, and at fifteen yards
it drove the arrow through the shoulder plate, broke two ribs coming
out, and stuck in the back leg bone.  What a way to end a trip.  
Eleven pigs in three days, nine with a knife and two with deer crossing arrows.
All I can say is Thank You Lord for blessing us with such awesome fans, sponsors,
and products that are far superior then anything Ive ever used."
Congrats Shiloah!  And thanks for representing DCA so well.
To read all of Shiloah's Story, just head over to www.bonereaperoutdoors.com
and read "Pork Chop Run 2013."
Join us for our next blog when the owner of Backwoods Brand puts a hurting on a big gobbler in what may be this years shortest turkey hunt.