Deer Season Prep, The Bedford Shoot, and our New Ebay Store for custom arrows

 Hello friends!  

Turkey season wrapped up here in TN last Sunday, so Monday I got out my 3D deer target and started practicing for the fall.  In addition to target practice, I am also about to put out trophy rocks, trail cameras, mow our food plots, move treestands, do a little habitat management, and also find more properties to hunt (I hope).  We are also going to hang up the bows, and get out the ARs and shotguns to do a little coyote hunting.

How about you?  Are you prepping for deer season yet?  What are you doing?

Bart and Jessie are at the Bedford shoot this weekend with a bunch of DCA Hunter shafts.  So if you are at Bedford, head on over, say hello, and get yourself another dozen arrows.  

And last but not least, our new eBay store is under way.  Very soon, you will be able to order custom fletched, hand sorted DCA arrows EXCLUSIVELY ON EBAY.  Just do a search for Deer Crossing Archery.


Check us out again next week for an update on the shoot, and a great story from Shooting Staff member Shiloah Douglas.

Shoot Straight!