Customer Jared Baker Gets a Nice (and first) turkey

Jared isn't new to hunting at all.
He is a booking agent for Wild Pursuits Hunting Consultants and is a co-founder and staffer for Command The Wild TV.
He calls Springfield IL home, and while Illinois is famous for big deer, it also holds a lot of turkeys.

And Jared finally was able to get one down!
Here is the story from Jared...

"With the invite from one of my best friends and owner of Commando Hunting Products (, Mr. Dean Nadler, this Kansas hunt had been months in the making. Dean knew I had never taken a turkey before, and was gracious enough to invite, (tell), me that I was going on this hunt. We had to pick up our good buddy Mr. Jordan Dean with RedLeaf Outdoors ( and we were on our way.

We arrived in Kansas on April 30th to meet up with our guide and good buddy, Mr. Doug Linebaugh with Trophy Addiction Outfitters ( Doug was able to show us where the birds were at and we got to work picking our spot and setting up blinds. The thought that in a few short hours, I was going to harvest my first turkey ever, was almost too much to contain. It was as if certainty filled the air.
April 1st, as opposed to the, "normal", Kansas wind that we had when we arrived the day before, the morning was calm and quiet, and the temps were in our favor. We snuck into our blinds at around 5 a.m. and were hearing the first gobble by 6. The toms were hammering on the roost and that got us even more fired up. But this, as many of you turkey hunters know, changed when they hit the ground. It was like they had applied super glue to their beaks before they flew down. The only thing April was fooling was us.
We were able to see plenty of birds and Jordan was fortunate to harvest a bird but nothing came of the first day for me. Not liking to admit this, but I had two chances and had achieved a double wiff on two different birds. The way I saw it, at least I was batting a thousand, and I was not going to let two misses get to me. I was on a mission with the arrow of redemption and knew that in the next two days, I would make that fatal connection.
We awoke the second morning to rain, thunder and lightning as a storm front had moved in on us through the night. As the rain started to let up and the sky was getting brighter, I was growing ever anxious, as I knew that today was the day. I told Dean to leave the cameras because I did not want to risk ruining equipment to get this hunt on film. Just getting my first turkey was good enough for me, and today was the day. So we made a last ditch effort to get dressed and get after it. Needless to say, we were not even in the blinds til after noon but my gut did not prove me wrong.
Armed with my Bowtech Allegiance bow, Deer Crossing Archery arrows tipped with Wac'em broadheads and my custom Commando Hunting Products turkey call, I was ready. Although, what proved to be a tough group of birds to work,  persistence and patience paid off. Only calling about every ten minutes, as not to over do it, lite and sporadic calling seemed to do the trick and the birds finally gave in.
I was making habit of checking out the blind windows to see what was headed my way. The last look revealed two strawberry red heads atop jet black bodies heading my way. I swore, just like when I'm in the deer woods, I could hear my heartbeat, breathing changed, and my hands were shaking. To say my emotions were stirred is an understatement.
Decoys positioned at 18 yards, camera on, bow in hand and longbeards on the move. They were coming to my set up but were keeping about five yards between them and the decoys. The thought of a double had crossed my mind but it was not meant to be. The birds were on a steady pace and heading away from me. The hunt had turned to a now or never situation. I drew my bow on the bird that gave me the best opportunity and that turned out to be a 40 yard shot. It took him a while to exit the field so I waited patiently for what seemed like forever but was only ten minutes. I then made my move to recover my bird. 
I had finally done it. I had accomplished my goal just the way I wanted, taking my first ever turkey with my bow. This hunt was only possible through the good graces of the Great Lord above, my beautiful wife for allowing me to chase a dream, a couple great friends and my taxidermist, Mr. Jeff McDaniel (, for deciding to do a full strut mount (which he never does), for me. Without them, I wouldn't be able to do what I love. I am so thankful that Dean had made a connection with Deer Crossing Archery at the Columbus Outdoor Expo. That opportunity gave us one in return, with me harvesting my first ever turkey with one great arrow.
Again, I would like to thank all who were involved, not just on the hunt, but behind the scenes as well and for those who make quality outdoors products that allow us to do what we love and enjoy to the fullest. 
Jared Baker

Congrats Jared on a fine bird, and we with you all the best of luck in your future hunts!!!