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Written by Bart Lawhorn — April 25, 2015

Buck down in Wisconsin!

Congratulations to Johnny "Heater" Heath for shooting this beast in Wisconsin using DCA SD Hunters!

Written by Darrell Owens — November 17, 2014

Future of Archery!

Say congratulations to this fine young archer and DCA Staff shooter Colton Edwards! Way to go Colton keep it up brother! Oh and congrats on that mighty fine buck you bagged and tagged!


Written by Darrell Owens — October 29, 2014


Are you a dealer wanting to check out what DCA has to offer? Or a loyal customer who wants to show all your friends the broad range of products your favorite arrow company carries? Well here is your chance with the DCA Sample PackThe DCA Sample Pack contains a variety of pre-fletched arrows and multiple components for you to inspect, test, or just show off!  A full list with colors and weights are provided below.


  1. 1x350.003 LD Target with FusionX 2.1 Vanes- White cock, Purple hens, H-Nock Bushing with White H-Nock
  2. 1x300.003 LD Target with 3" Feathers- Orange Cock, Yellow Hens, Pin Nock Bushing with Yellow Pin Nock
  3. 1x400.006 Target with FusionX 2.1 Vanes- Black Cock, Red Hens, F-Nock Bushing with Black F-Nock
  4. 1x350.006 Target with FusionX 2.0 Vanes- Yellow Cock, Blue Hens, Yellow Target Plastic Nock
  5. 1x400.006 Hunter with 3" FusionX Vanes- White Cock, Green Hens, Green Bohning Hunter Nock
  6. 1x300.006 Hunter with FusionX 2.1 Vanes-Black Cock, Yellow Hens, Black Bohning Hunter Nock
  7. 1x300.006 SD Hunter with Norway 2.0 or Bohning Blazer Vanes- White Cock, Orange Hens, White F-Nock
  8. 1x500.006 SD Hunter with FusionX 2.1 Vanes-Pink Cock, Purple Hens, Rose Bohning F-Nock
  9. 1x22".006 X-BOW with Norway 2.0 or Bohning Blazer Vanes- All White, White Half-Moon Nock
  10. 1x22".006 X-BOW with FusionX 2.1 Vanes- Purple Cock, Pink Hens, White Flat Nock
  11. 1x20".003 X-BOW with 3" FusionX Vanes- White Cock, Orange Hens, White Flat Nock
  12. 1x20".003 X-BOW with FusionX 2.1 Vanes- Yellow Cock, Red Hens, White Half-Moon Nock



    1. 1x100 Grain Brass X-BOW insert
    2. 1x100 Grain Stainless Steel Field Point
    3. 1x40 Grain 350 SD Hunter Outsert
    4. 1x80 Grain SD Hunter 3D Point
    5. 1x120 Grain Hunter 3D Point
    6. 1x16 Grain Hunter PDP Insert
    7. 1x100 Grain Hunter Field Point
    8. 1x29 Grain Target PDP Insert
    - See more at: Sample Packs

    Written by Darrell Owens — October 28, 2014

    Deadly Combo!

    Scott Farr, Owner of Skunk Fusion, Used DCA SD Hunters to take down this nice Texas Buck!!  Skunk Fusion and DCA Arrows, one deadly combination!  Congratulations Scott!

    Written by Darrell Owens — October 28, 2014

    Welcome to Deer Crossing Archery

    We didn't start this company trying to make a cheaper arrow. We just wanted to make a better arrow. We use the highest quality carbon and components and a proprietary manufacturing process. And what we ended up with was a stronger, straighter arrow that anyone could afford. Why would you pay more if you didn't have to?

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